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Post  Xelhion on Wed May 21, 2014 5:43 pm

Cry  Hey guys, I really liked this server a lot. But it slowly died (in my own opinion [no offense intended]). I really missed the times where I really wanted to farm items (not collecting RCs). I really think AFK Farming is a very bad idea for an event, people with lots of resources will benefit from it the most. The in-game economy just went out of hand. No more fun stuff for me. I really liked this game but maybe I..., I too grew and got over with this nostalgia. I really had AWESOME Memories of this game, and made a lot of friends too. If anyone whom I knew from here wants to contact me. My just mail me/facebook. Goodbye and Goodluck to the Rev2 of this server.

Leaving with a Smile,
Xelhion  Kiss

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