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Do you know? Empty Do you know?

Post  Seyfried on Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:33 pm

Hey farmers/Hunters Welcome :)

Newbie: Give me some penya Help! 

Seyfried: Just vote get 5 perins login then check your inventory you'll get 5 perins
1 Perin = 100m :)

Newbie: How can i obtain good items?

Option A:
Buy a looter pet
Hunt penya at Azria
Option B:
Hunt LvL 130 Set Items ( Newbie: where? ) ( Seyfried: Colosseum at Saint Morning Old Arena )
Option C:
Hunt Legion Items and Swiftness Items

Newbie: But income is not good

Option D:
Hunt Legion or 130 Set items or Swiftness items
Then awake them for a higher price
Option E:
You can donate and you'll get iCoins

Newbie: What is iCoin/'s?

Seyfried: You can use this to buy items at Donate/Permium Shop Cool! 

And if your reason is your lazy in hunting/farming/Awakening and you don't have extra to donate
its not our problem anymore Angry 

If you have more question you can pm me ingame
Name: Seyfried

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Do you know? Empty Re: Do you know?

Post  Xelhion on Fri Oct 25, 2013 7:29 am

Good one xD.,
This would help newbies and reduce "penge po penya" xD hahaha

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